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Welcome to RDL Meters, your national manufacturer and supplier of coin, token and card operated electricity meters and timers for domestic and business use. We stock a wide range of meters for all budgets and purposes available for next day delivery to mainland UK.

How to read your meter

How to read a digital (cyclometric) meter 

Read the numbers from left to right, ignoring the red number. Next time you read the meter, take the old total away from the new. This will give you the number of units used. When the total number of units used reaches 99,999 the meter starts again at 0. If you have an Economy 7 (Dual Tariff) meter it will have two rows of figures. The row marked 'LOW' is the rate for night or off peak units. The row marked 'NORMAL' shows how many units you have used at the day or peak rate. The reading on the example shown below is 94694



                                                                           digital dials

How to read an analogue (dials) meter

 To read an analogue meter look at the position of the pointers on the dials and follow these instructions: Read the dials from left to right, starting with the dial marked 10,000. Ignore the dial marked 1/10 as it is only used for testing. When the pointer is between two numbers, always write down the lower number. This is not necessarily the nearest pointer to the number. If the pointer is exactly on a number, write it down and underline it. If any of the numbers that you have underlined are followed by a 9, you will need to take one away from the number that you have underlined. The reading on the example shown below is 94694