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Welcome to RDL Meters, your national manufacturer and supplier of coin, token and card operated electricity meters and timers for domestic and business use. We stock a wide range of meters for all budgets and purposes available for next day delivery to mainland UK.

Electricity Meters and Systems for Energy Measurement, Prepayment of Electricity, Smart Metering, Solar PV Generation, Multi Function Metering, Timers and Accessories.

We can supply single phase and three phase electric meters, which can register single tariff, dual tariff or multi tariff energy consumption and be read either at site of installation or remotely. Our meters can be direct connection (whole current) or indirect connection (using current transformers) to cover all aspects of residential and commercial property electricity metering. Help and advice on types of metering can be obtained from our competent sales team.


Prepayment Coin Meters & Timers

M-101S meter

RDL Electronic Dual Coin Varible Rate Meters, Timers, Token Versions and Tokens
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Prepayment Card Meters & Cards

100ADT meter

Single and Dual Tariff Card Meters, Prepayment Cards and Programming Cards
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New Single Phase Meters

ME162 meter

Our stocks of new Single Phase Meters for residential and commercial applications
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Reconditioned Single Phase Meters

KC6 meter

A range of reconditioned Single Phase Meters for residential and commercial applications
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New Three Phase Meters

MT174 meter

Our stocks of new Three Phase Meters for industrial and commercial applications
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Reconditioned Three Phase Meters

3P100DIG meter

A range of reconditioned Three Phase Meters for industrial and commercial applications
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Current Transformers

A wide variety of Solid Core, Split Core and Linked Current Transformers
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Associated accessories including Time Switches, Sealing Pliers, Seals and Wire
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